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In 40 plus years, You Name It Toys have designed and handmade over 40 Different Personalized Wooden Name Theme Puzzles where the letters to the child's name are printed on different SHAPE PIECES in the puzzle.   Although, if you are looking for a name puzzle where the child's LETTERS to their name are CUTOUT pieces, we have designed and handmade 12 Different Custom Wooden Name Theme Puzzles.  These puzzles are some of our most popular puzzles we make today.
However, if you are more interested in an educational puzzle.  We also handmake some of the finest handcrafted educational puzzles:
1 US Map Puzzle (with States and Capitals)
2 different World Map Puzzles
2 different Alphabet Puzzles
1 Solar System Puzzle with the Sun and all the Planets
1 School Bus Clock Puzzle
5 Special Favorites Puzzles
9 Custom Longboard Name Theme Puzzles
When your children master the placement of the puzzle pieces to any of these puzzles, they will develop hand-eye coordination. Many educators for years are noted for saying that children learn best through play and there is no doubt they love to play with these puzzles every day for hours.  Also for your information, any of our personalized or custom handmade puzzles can be made into a step stool.  How about that, a puzzle stool with a special theme that has your child's name on it.  These puzzle stools will give a child a sense of independence in reaching the bathroom sink to brush their teeth.  They can also be mommy's little helper in the kitchen making their favorite cookies.       

Since 1983 these handmade (made to order) wooden puzzles have been displayed at some of the most prominent arts & crafts shows in the country. Come to one of the many events that we have scheduled for this year (Event Schedule) and see what our customers are talking about. Your preschool children and toddlers will enjoy their play time even more with these educational toy puzzles while receiving the following benefits:
       .  Learning the letters to their name
       .  Develop hand-eye coordination that will enhance their ability in reading and comprehension
       .  Knowledge of various shapes and sizes
       .  Problem-solving skills when they master the assembly of each puzzle
       .  A sense of pride in a job well-done, enhancing self-confidence/self-image
       .  Enhanced memory retention capabilities, as they recall what they did and learned
       .  An understanding of the concept of sequencing in puzzle piece placement
       .  Identification of one alphabet letter from another and one color and number from another
In the past, these theme puzzles and step stools have appeared on TV talk shows, such as The Fox and Friends Christmas Special, and discussed on many radio programs. But most importantly, they are Made in America by my family and have captured the hearts and minds of preschool children and toddlers throughout North America.

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